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PlanktonTrap - Ballast Water Treatment
Ballast Water Do You Know What's in it ?

what's living in your tank?

If you want to know the answer to this question Planktontrap may be your answer.

Many of these invasive species are easily removed with proprietary equipment currently available.
The question is "How effective is your equipment operating"

If you cannot answer this question in confidence Planktontrap can provide the answer. 



Planktontrap as an inline concentration device can sample discharge and with a simple flush process recover all live and dead organisms for analysis and record.

Planktontrap is a simple push fit device easily installed into existing pipe work with a minimum of disruption using standard pipe fittings.

The device is robust in construction, lightweight, compact and with proven track record of operation in demanding environments.

Its PATENTED design has proven effective in many water treatment applications around the world. 

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